Foreign Training


  • Foreign Training Section deals with all sorts of abroad seminars, ministerial meetings, visits, study tours, short and long term training for Master/Ph.D. fellowship/scholarship and educational programs for the Provincial Government officers.
  •  Foreign Trainings are offered by International sponsors/organizations.
  • The task of the Foreign Training Section is to process nomination documents of the officers from respective attached Departments and after the approval of competent authority, nominations are submitted to the Federal Government for further processing.
  • Most of the local training activities are approved under various projects/programs being implemented by the Federal and Provincial Government with financial support from the sponsor.
  •  Foreign Training Section is responsible for providing technical assistance to Provincial attached Government departments and to process the cases in light of methodology/eligibility criteria as fixed by Donors for various training programs and visits abroad.
  •  Targets are successfully achieved because this section is always in close liaison and coordination with the Federal Government as well as Provincial Departments. Timely decisions are taken by the competent authority and quick performance by this section; foreign training opportunities are availed by all the provincial officers of administrative departments.

Latest Trainings:

SNo# Title DeadLine Download
1 Electric Power System Planning (Africa and Asia Region) 30 November 2020 Letter
2 AHKNCRD-AARDO'S Regional Office Collaborative One-Day National Policy Seminar on Ecotourism For Rural Economy 19 November 2020 Letter
3 Comprehensive Disaster Risk Reduction 13 November 2020 Letter
4 JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program For Long Term Participation On Human Resource Development For Electricity and Energy Sector(JFY 2021) Energy Policy 11 November 2020 Letter
5 Recruitment For The Human Resource Development Scholarship by Japanese Grant Aid 10 November 2020 Letter
6 Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Conversation (B) 2nd November 2020 Letter
7 E-Learning Course on Smart Nation: Strategies Oppertunities and Cyber Security | Page 2 23 October 2020 Letter
8 Disaster Risk Reduction (DDR) Leaders Capacity Development For The Sendai Framework Implementation (FY 2021) Master Program: 15 October 2020 | Doctoral Program: 22 January 2021 Letter | Request for Nomination
9 Developed Market Oriented Export Promotion Strategy/Marketing Startegy 15 October 2020 Letter
10 Water Engineering And Utility Management Future Leaders Training Program(2 Years Program) 8 October 2020 Letter
11 Improvement of Maternal Health 16 October 2020 Letter| Request for Nomination
12 State Building in Conflict Affected Countries 5 October 2020 Letter
13 AARDO-CMFRI Online Workshop-Cum-Training Program on "Fisheries and Aquaculture" 12 to 23 October 2020 Letter
14 AARDO Scholarship For Master Degree Programme At Park Chung Hee School of Policy And Saemaul Yeungnam University 23 October 2020 Letter
15 Training Course on Water Resource Management 21 to 25 September 2020 Letter

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