Social Protection and Gender Mainstreaming

Function and mandate of section/ TOR’s:

  • To provide a centralized coordication platform at provincial level for information, planning and strategic allocation of resources.
  • To review development projects and plans of all provincial departments and evaluate schemes relating to SP&GM
  • Mapping of the service providing institutions arrangments currently in place for the purpose, throughout KP and specific roles of these institutions.
  • Management of information regarding social protection and gender.
  • To inform stratigic policy formulation and short & long term planning accross the provincial departments.
  • To coordinate the efforts made at provincial and federal levels, maximizing the result through developing and promoting synergies and develop communication strategy for proper projection of the major achievement.
  • To informl, train and educate the official staff accross the government departments, directly involved in planning nad policy-making processes.
  • To promote and facilitate research in the areas of Social Protection and Gender (e.g in collaboration with universities and public & private research institutes)
  • To find out the best practices in the social sector across the country and internationaly, and to suggest innovative, high-impact and economic projects.
  • To suggest informed and apporpriate interventions in the existing projects for maximizing outputs.

Chief of the Section: Fazeelat Jehan