Press Release: 25th PDWP Held on 29 June 2020

The meeting of Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) was held under the Chairmanship of Mr. Shakeel Qadir Khan, the Additional Chief Secretary P&D Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on 29th June, 2020. The meeting was attended by members of PDWP and concerned departments. The forum considered 35 projects pertaining to Roads, Urban Development, DWSS, Water, Health, Forestry, Local Government, Multi Sectoral Development, Higher Education and Elementary & Secondary Education sectors for the uplift of the province. The forum approved 29 Projects with an estimated cost of  Rs. 53408.854 million while 6 projects were deferred and returned to their respective departments for rectification.

Approved Projects of Roads sector were:
1.    F/S and Design   for improvement /Rehabilitation of Oghi Battagram Road  and Construction of RCC bridge at Biari Khwar, District Battagram.
2.    Black topping / widening of road from KKH to Pattan Bazar  road,  Shingle  road in rural areas and Construction of suspension Bridges, Bailey Bridge and Bridge on Sindh River in District Kohistan.
3.    F/S, Design  and Construction/Rehabilitation of Roads and street pavements a) Kunda Topi b) Gar Mergoz c) Zarobi Topi, d) Zaida  Kaddi, e) Marghuz  Yousafi Swabi.  (21KM).
4.    Improvement/Rehabilitation of Mansehra Lasssan Nawab Road (CPEC Interchange ) (03KM) District Mansehra.
5.    Construction of road from Baroch  Chowk to Nakhatar Bando,  Shireen Khan Chowk to Baroch,  Mardan.
6.    Construction of Spinkai Katlang road (6Km), District Mardan.
7.    Dualization  of Swabi Jehangira Road  left over portion 11 Km i/c bridge on River Indus.
8.    F/S, Design & Reconst: of Bridges: Arsala(S-11), Aghan Pur(S-10), Drwaza Kas(S-8), Doghi (S-12), Bada on Swabi Topi Rd(S-1), Khyali(S-1), Matra (S-4), Machni (S-4), kababian (S-4), Dehri (S-10), Aloch Puran(S-10A), Chena on Swari Ambela Rd (S-10A).
9.    Construction of Black Topped Roads in Tribal District Orakzai.
10.    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Rural Roads Improvement and Rehabilitation Project  (JICA Assisted).
11.    Construction of road at Ghar Kalay (Shuhada Road) Mitha Khel, District Karak
12.    Repair and Rehabilitation of road between Banda Daud Shaha (TERRI Chowk) & Gurguri District Karak (38-Km)

Approved Projects of Urban Development sector were:
13.    LED lights on various Urban roads in Peshawar. (SDG)
14.    Improvement of Municipal Roads in Urban Areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
15.    Beautification & uplift of Tribal Districts, construction of monuments, tourist spots, recreation areas and parks.

Approved Projects of Irrigation sector were:
16.    Construction/ Improvement of Canal Petrol roads/Rehabilitation /improvement of Drainage System including Flood Protection Walls/ Construction of Bridges in Tehsil Baka Khel Bannu.
17.    Creation of Project Support Unit for the Supervision of field activities of Small Dams/Power Section, FATA DA [FDA]

Approved Projects of Health sector were:
18.    Provision of Nurses, LHVs, paramedics and medical technologists (+500 nurses @ Rs 80,000 / month; +200 technologists @ Rs 80,000 / month; + 200 LHVs; + 100 technologists)
19.    Revamping of 85 BHUs for provision of 24/7 SBA services/ Rapid diagnostic tests (RDTS) and rehabilitation /revamping of remaining BHUs.
20.    Roll out Hospital waste management regime at DHQs
21.    Rural Ambulance Service -50 (4x4) ambulance transporting 4500 expectant mothers from home-PHC-SHC @ 3000 per case.
22.    Aids Control Prgramme in FATA.
23.    Saving Maternal & Infant Lives Accelerated Implementation Program Sub Head: Strengthening of EPI Program in Merged Areas.
24.    Hepatitis Control Program in FATA (phase-III).
25.    Facilitation of Health Setup in FRs (Revised).

Approved Projects of Higher Education sector were:
26.    Provision of additional/missing facilities in Govt. Colleges of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Phase-II).
27.    Support ot Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan for Special Initiatives.

Approved Projects of Elementary & Secondary Education sector were:
28.    Establishment of IT labs.
29.    Provision of teachers at Primary, Middle, High and Higher Secondary level School (Boys/Girls) in Merged Areas.

List of the Considered Schemes
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