Press Release of 16th PDWP held on 18th February, 2020

The Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) held its meeting under the Chairmanship of
Mr. Shakeel Qadir Khan, the Additional Chief Secretary P&D Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on 18th February, 2020. The meeting was attended by members of PDWP and concerned departments. The forum considered 46 projects pertaining to different sectors including Multi-sectoral Development, Relief & Rehabilitation, Energy & Power, Water, Food, Home, DWSS, Urban Development, Housing, Roads & Bridges, Transport, Building, Industries, Labour, ST&IT, Higher Education, Sports & Tourism, Elementary & Secondary Education, Health and Social Welfare sectors for the uplift of the province. The forum approved 39 Projects with an estimated cost of Rs. 28108.866 million while 7 projects were deferred and were returned to their respective departments for rectification.

Approved projects of Multi Sectoral Development sector were:

  1. Provision for Contractors Decretal accrued Liabilities, Land Compensation and Uncashed Cheques

SH:- CP. 403P-17 Executive District Office, Works and Services Department, Bannu (Now Superintending Engineer, C&W Circle, Bannu and others) vs Sadeeq Khan and another”.

  1. Qabail Led Community Support Project.

Approved projects of Relief & Rehabilitation sector was:

  1. Establishment of Emergency Rescue Services (Rescue 1122) in District Buner.

Approved project of Energy & Power sector was:

  1. Barandoo Hydro Power Project (6.95 MW) District Torghar in KP.

Approved projects of Water sector were:

  1. Construction /Restoration of flood protection works/channel including roads & Culverts on canals & drains in Garh, Shah Mansoor, Zaida, Kunda, Amber, Beka, Tordher, Lahor & Jehangira district Swabi.
  2. Improvement / Extension to Guide Bund for the Protection of Area between Guide Bund and up to Spur No.01 of Dera Darya Khan Bridge, District D.I Khan.
  3. Construction of new solar irrigation tube wells and solarization of existing tube wells district Nowshera.
  4. Construction/ Improvement of Flood Protection Works, Channels and Solar Tube Wells in Haripur and Khan Pur Tehsils of District Haripur

Approved projects of Food sector were:

  1. Special Repair of Food Grain Godowns in Various Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  2. Construction of Food Grain Godowns of 5000 Ton Capacity and Field Offices in District Dir Upper.

           Approved project of Home sector was:

  1. Refurbishment of existing Police Stations.

Approved projects of DWSS sector were:

  1. Construction/ Solarization of Water Supply & Sanitation Schemes at Ucs Tajori, Suleman Khel, Behram Khel, Khero Khel Pacca, Ghazni Khel, Tajazai, Titter Khel, Mandra Khel, Masha Mansoor, Abdul Khel, Darra Pezu, village Zangi Khel District Lakki Marwat.
  2. Construction/ Solarization of Water Supply & Sanitation Schemes at village Manzar Faqeer, village Umar Abad, village Shagai & village Bachakan in UC Kot Kashmir, UC Bakhmal Ahmadzai District Lakki Marwat.
  3. Rehabilitation of Non-functional Pumping/ Gravity Based Drinking WaterSupply Schemes (Govt:/VDO owned) in All Tribal Districts.
  4. Construction of 10 DWSS Tube Well Based, Construction of 13 DWSS Gravity Based and Construction of 01 Opened Well in Mehsud Closed Area.(Umbrella)

Approved projects of Urban Development sector were

  1. Uplift and beautifiaction of tehsil Kulachi Distt D.I.Khan.
  2. Peshawar Uplift Program (Phase-II) under ADP No. 669/190449 Rs. 3500.00 million, (19-20)
  3. 1. Rehab. of Road from Bacha Khan Chowk to Charsadda Bus Terminal Peshawar

SH: 2. Rehab. of Dalazak Road from Bacha khan Chowk to Ring Road Peshawar.

SH: 3. Rehab. of Bhana Mari Road from Chungi Chowk to Ramdas Chowk Peshawar.

SH: 4. Rehab. of Circular Road Nishter Abad Chowk to Ramdas Chowk, Peshawar.

SH: 5. Rehab. of Phandu Road from Ganj Chowk to Jamil Chowk, Peshawar.

SH: 6. Rehab. work at Warsak Road Kababyano Bridge / Irrigation office to Ring Road Peshawar.

SH: 7. Beautification of Canal Road from Custom Chowk to Board Bazar, Peshawar.

SH: 8. Improv. / Renovation / Beautification of Main Kohat road from Koh-e-Daman Chowk to Abdur Rehman baba Flyover, Garhi Qamar Din Chowk, Peshawar.

SH: 9. Installation of Road / Street lights at Main Kohat road from Koh-e-Daman Chowk to Abdur Rehman baba Flyover, Garhi Qamar Din chowk, Peshawar

Approved project of Housing sector was:

  1. Construction of Flats at Civil Quarters Peshawar. (Phase-II) 1000 Sft.

Approved projects of Roads & Bridges sector were:

  1. Construction of Oughday (Takhta Band) to Kabal Bridge & Ningolai to Allah Abad Bridge, Swat.
  2. Const of Rds Pya Chnchry Rd, Kedm-Gorni Rd,Bdali-Dbrgy rd, Ayn-Ashoka rd,Behran-Gantr Rd,Bshigrm Deri-Kardial Rd,Mshigl (Bagh Deri),Alrgly (Bahran) Rd,Barani Rd(Mdyn),Droli(Bahran) Brdg,Kuza Aryni(Bodai Kmar) Brdg,Osho(Motli) Brdg,Ayn(Bahran) Brdg,Swat
  3. Black Topping of 8 Kms Road in District South Waziristan.
  4. Construction of Shingle Roads of different lengths in District South Waziristan (20 Kms). (Umbrella)
  5. Construction of Ghundakai Sarina Road in District South Waziristan (10 Kms).(Umbrella)

Approved projects of Building sector were:

  1. Provision of Building for NH & MP on Swat Expressway for the year 2019-20.
  2. Construction of MPA Hostel with Dormitories for Allied Staff for Merged Areas at Peshawar

Approved projects of Industries sector were:

  1. Feasibility Study Establishment of Small Industrial Estate at District Dir Lower. Source of fund: 150189 – Provision for Research Studies/ Consultancies/ Surveys/ Detailed Design / Feasibility Studies.
  2. Feasibility Study & Establishment of Small Industrial Estate at Bajaur.

Approved project of Labour sector was:

  1. Strengthening Govt. Efforts to Combat Child Labour through Child Labour Survey in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (UNICEF Assisted).

Approved project of ST&IT sector was:

  1. Digital Jobs for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (MDTF Assisted).

Approved project of Higher Education sector was:

  1. Strengthening & Rehabilitation of Existing Colleges in newly Merged Districts.

Approved project of Sports & Tourism sector was:

  1. Construction of Recreational Park at Hund Swabi.

Approved Projects of Elementary & Secondary Education sector were:

  1. Provision of stipends and scholarships for students of merged areas (E&SE) Sub Head: Stipend for Boys & Girls of Secondary Schools.
  2. Reopening of Functional Community Schools in Mohmand.
  3. Award of Scholarships to FATA students of Cadet Colleges during 2018-19.

Approved projects of Health sector were:

  1. Khyber Institute of Child Health & Children Hospital (District Peshawar)
  2. PC-II Construction of Purpose Built Building for Gajju Khan Medical College Swabi
  3. Special repair of Old Doctor Hostel at Saidu Group of Teaching Hospitals, Swat.
  4. Wana and feasibility for the establishment of Medical Colleges.

Approved project of Social Welfare sector was:

  1. Gender Mainstreaming and Empowerment Program in the newly merged areas under Accelerated Implementation Program.