KP Government Swift Progress on Development Schemes

“KP Government swift progress on development schemes, approves 96% projects in first 9 months, utilizes 61% of ADP releases”
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government while approving 96% of the development projects, has also swiftly utilized 61% of the released funds for developmental projects during the first nine months of the financial year 2020-21 under its Annual Development Program (ADP) despite of the challenging situations due to Covid-19. A significant amount of 88.38 Billion rupees have been spent against the released amount of 145.08 Billion and 344 development projects out of 460 unapproved schemes got a nod. This is much improved performance by the same existing capacity of the govt machinery when compared with expenditure of Rs 69 billion against Rs. 126 billion released in the same period last year.
The Provincial Development Working Party convened 19 meetings along with some special PDWPs to approve and recommend schemes to the Central development Working Party and ECNEC.
Rs. 14.32 billion had been allocated for Agriculture, Rs. 700 million for Minorities Affairs, Rs. 1.67 billion for Board of Revenue, District ADP Rs. 54.86 billion, Drinking water & Sanitation Rs. 6.89 billion, Elementary Education Rs. 30.20 billion, Energy & Power Rs. 11.44 billion, Environment Rs. 40 million, Establishment Rs. 300 million, Excise & Taxation 220 million, Food 2.71 billion, Finance Rs. 3.45 billion, Forestry Rs. 3.23 billion, Health Rs. 24.38 billion, Higher Education Rs. 8.97 billion, Home Rs. 4.56 billion, Housing Rs. 200 million, Industries Rs. 4.55 billion, Labor & Works Rs. 240 million, Mineral Development Rs. 420 million, Multi Sectoral Development Rs. 29.82 billion, Population Welfare Rs. 830 million and Rs. 1.23 billion for Social Welfare.
The allocation for current financial year for KP & Merged Areas is Rs. 172.40 billion excluding the Rs. 54.86 billion District ADP and around Rs.88 billion Foreign Assistance projects which are budgeted only and thus making the total allocation around Rs. 317 billion.
As far as the spending is concerned, Rs. 740 million was spent on Relief & Rehabilitation, Roads Rs. 18.59 billion, Social Welfare Rs. 200 million, Sports & Tourism 3.37 billion, Science & Technology Rs. 140 million, Transport Rs. 430 million, Urban Development Rs. 2.09 billion, Elementary & Secondary Education Rs. 6.82 billion, Health Rs. 8.55 billion, Higher Education Rs. 3.61 billion, Industries department Rs. 2.96 billion, Local Government Rs. 3.49, Multi Sectoral Development Rs. 6.89 billion, Agriculture 4.56 billion, Energy & Power Rs. 1.92 billion, Drinking Water & Sanitation Rs. 3.66 billion, Environment Rs. 10 million and Rs. 8.95 billion on Water sector was spent.
It is worth mentioning here that funds are allocated at the beginning of the financial year and approval of development projects, releases of funds (both local and foreign assistance) and expenditure is an ongoing process throughout the year.
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