About Planning & Development Department

The Planning & Development Department is the major policy decision-making stakeholder especially in the field of development in the Province. It is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the overall development plans of the Province.
It plays the most important role in policy making (provincial and sectoral policies, priorities for projects according to the required resources), in appraisal and processing of development projects/schemes, in implementation (monitoring releases and inter-sectoral re-appropriation and in evaluation). The function of approval (ADP compilation, allocation of funds, recommendation for approval) is an important activity of the Department.

  • Strategic planning for provincial economy
  • Formulation of Annual Development Plan
  • Appraisal and review of  Projects
  • Monitoring and evaluation of development schemes, Socio-economic impact analysis
  • Management of Provincial Statistics
  • Foreign Development Assistance – Donors Coordination.
  • Processing Foreign trainings & visits
  • Lead Provincial representation in National Development Forums
  • Lead Steering Committees and PRBs of mega projects
  • Secretariat support to PDWP/CDWP/ECNEC/NEC, etc
  • Coordination and implementation of Reforms Agenda
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