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The Planning and Development Department has the important mandate to formulate and contribute with policy level inputs for the provincial and sectoral development policies of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The department appraises the development projects of all the provincial departments by adding value to their proposals. To that effect, steering the discussions and deliberations leading to the preparation of the Annual Development Programme and the Accelerated Implementation Programme remains one of the core functions of the department. Furthermore, ensuring strong working relationships with our international development partners is another major priority that we are focusing.

Within the key functions of the department, conducting the monitoring and evaluation of the development projects, maintaining liaison with the federal level institutions on development imperatives of the province and leading on the long-term planning requirements are some of the key highlights. Preparation of provincial statistics under a dedicated unit and planning for districts through our specialised units also fall within the department’s core mandate. The wide ranging reform initiatives undertaken by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are also overseen by the department. Over the years, the department has substantially contributed across all these roles and functions.

To match the growth of the digital media and the evolving information needs of the citizens, partners and stakeholders, it had become imperative for the department to enhance our website as we continue to seek new ways and means of advancing our digital footprint across the virtual landscape. Through this website, we are striving to provide available and accessible information about all the functions, operations and initiatives of the department to further strengthen our relationships with the citizens, partners and stakeholders. It is an endeavor for transparency and outreach, on behalf of the department, and we will continue to further build on our experience. Your feedback will therefore be instrumental for our continuous improvement.

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