26.Energy Power Section PDWD Minutes 2015-19

25.Economic Analysis Section PDWD Minutes 2015-19

24.Agriculture Section PDWD Minutes 2015-19

23.Rural Development Section PDWD Minutes 2015-19

22.Health Section PDWP Minutes 2015-19

21.Water Section PDWP Minutes 2015-19

20.Review Minutes 2016-17, 2017-18 & 2018-19

19.Seniority List of S.S.C BOS on 03-11-2015

18.Section Strength of BOS upto 09-03-2016

17.Reconciliation Statement of Expenditure of BOS up to 01-06-2015

16.Promotion Order of Officials of BOS on 18-12-2015

15.Notification of Establishment Department 12-07-2016

14.Notification of Establishment Department 31-08-2012

13.Minutes of DSC BOS Held on 11-12-2015

12.Minutes of D.P.C Held on 27-11-2014

11.Appointment Order of Salman Khan Junior Statistical Computer

10.Appointment Order of Nazir Bin Zubair Junior Statistical Computer

9.Final Seniority List of Assistant Chiefs (BPS-18) As Stood 31-03-2016

8.Public Private Partnership Rule

7.Public Private Partnership Act 2020

6.Public Private Partnership Act 2017

5.Public Private Partnership Act 2014

4.Foreign Training Guideline Policy

3.Budget 2016-17

2.Budget 2015-16

1.Budget 2014-15

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