KP Government Prepared Special Development Package for Zakhakhel Bazaar

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has prepared a special development package for the backward Zakhakhel Bazaar and adjoining areas of the Khyber District. The cost of the development package is Rs 2.2 billion and its duration will be three years. The development package has been designed keeping in view the backwardness of the region. Work will be done on projects in seven areas Municipalities, Public Health Engineering, Irrigation, Agriculture, Skill Development, Livestock, and Forestry.

The main objective of the development package is to introduce projects that will provide faster employment and economic growth. The project will create business opportunities in the region. The special development package has been formulated in consultation with the government and the community. The project includes business promotion in the area, clean drinking water supply projects, irrigation projects, rehabilitation of agriculture, training to start employment for youth, scholarship programs, promotion of livestock, forest care projects.

Notable projects under the special development package include Rs 4.6 crore for 10 clean water supply projects, Rs 17 crore for 42 solar pressure pumps, Rs 20 million for rehabilitation of old clean water supply projects, Rs 80 million has been earmarked for 13 irrigation channel projects, Rs 160 million for 22 flood protection projects, Rs 160 million for 15 water storage ponds and Rs 21 crore for construction of 21 solar tube wells.

In the agriculture sector, work will be done on projects to increase crop production, capacity building of farmers and promotion of the use of modern technology at a cost of Rs. 56 crore. Skill development projects at a cost of Rs. 20 crore will be introduced to enhance the business and technical capacity of the youth which will benefit 1000 youth. Livestock projects at a cost of Rs. 17 crore in which supply of cattle to the residents of the area, promotion of poultry, vaccination of cattle will be worked on. Under the special development package, Rs. 4 crores have been set aside for the supply of plants and nurseries to the community. Initially, Rs. 2 crore has been earmarked for providing internships to the youth of the area. Once the project is finalized, it will be funded by the Accelerated Development Program for the Tribal Districts.

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