1st PDWP Held on 7th July 2021

The 1st meeting of Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) was held under the Chairmanship of Mr. Shahab Ali Shah, the Additional Chief Secretary P&D Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on 7th July, 2021 through video link. The meeting was attended by members of PDWP and concerned departments. The forum considered 11 schemes pertaining to Roads, Sports & Tourism, DWSS and Multi Sectoral Development sectors for the uplift of the province. The forum approved 11 schemes with an estimated cost of Rs. 12132.079 million. 
S.# Sector Name of Scheme
1 Roads Const: of road a) Pain BasiKhel b) Seri Kandao-Gigiani B/Khel,c) Mori BasiKhel, d) Shatal-Karizan Saidan, e) Pakbund-Mori Nusrat Khel, f) Cherah BasiKhel, g) Mera MadaKhel-Qabristan, h) Guizer paty-Teety M/khel, i) Shahbat Madrasa Mera M/Khel, j) Tilikandao to tilli Baba Ziarat Road, k) Bar Ghari Road, l) BadarZiarlargay Road, m) Surband Road, n) Shallon Bashi Khel Road, o) Goryard to Danda japeet Road, p) Shagai to Kalish Road, q) Shingle road Asary to Bajo Bainda, r) Shingle Road,
2 Roads Construction of Techinically & Economically Feasible 170 KMs Roads in Hazara Division.
3 Roads F/S, Design, Construction & Black Topping of Road from Dokhada Village to Elum Top, District Buner (11.5 KM)
4 Sports & Tourism Establishment, upgradation & Rehabilitation of Sports Facilities (AIP) Sub-Scheme : Upgradation of Parachinar Sports Complex.
5 Sports & Tourism Development of Camping Pods Sites and Rest Houses in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
6 Sports & Tourism Rehabilitation & Improvement of Grassy Ground Swat .
7 Sports & Tourism Tourism Area Integrated Development Project (Establishment of Provincial Tourism Authority). Sub-Scheme: Uplift/Beautification of District Lower Chitral
8 DWSS Construction/Rehabilitation of Drinking Water Supply Schemes in Newly Merged Districts (AIP)
9 DWSS Rehabilitation and Revitalization of Existing Drinking Water Supply Schemes in Newly Merged Districts
10 Multi Sectoral Development Provision for Research Studies/ Consultancies/ Surveys/ Detailed Design / Feasibility Studies.Sub-Scheme : F/S FOR ESTABLISHMENT OF HARIPUR DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY AND ITS MAJOR FUNCTIONS, HARIPUR DISTRICT, HAZARA DIVISION.
11 Multi Sectoral Development Special Development Package for Militancy hit/backward areas of Swat.
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