Upgradation of Road From Sherkot to Hangu District

Another step towards fulfilling the promises made by the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mr Mahmood Khan. Soon the work will be completed on the up-gradation of Sherkot to district Hangu road by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Highways Authority. the existing 24km road will be converted into two lanes and three new bridges will be constructed over it. The Sherkot to Hangu road is a part of the provincial highway S-7 which starts from the Indus Highway junction and ends at the Chapri border of Kurram district. Its total length is 115 km. The 16 km road section from Kohat (Hangu Chowk) to Sherkot has recently been upgraded to a four-lane carriageway. This is the main road connecting Kohat district with Hangu district and Kurram district. Apart from the Orakzai district, the North Waziristan district is also connected to S-7 by link roads. Being an international route, this road plays an important role in trade and business development, as the project will further facilitate trade with Afghanistan and have a positive impact on Pakistan’s economy. The dualization of this section will help the adjoining populations to better connect with Kohat and other parts of the country. The total length of this road is 24 km which starts from Sherkot and ends at Hangu town. This road passes through Estarzai, Jozara, Raisan, Ibrahimzai, Bahadur Banda, Police Training College Hangu and reaches the main destination of Hangu city. Completion of this project will result in effective communication, reduction in travel duration, rapid movement of local products in the market as well as an increase in employment opportunities for local people.

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