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Section Portfolio

  • Formulation and compilation of ADP pertaining to Green sector including Agriculture, forest and environment.

Sub components are:-

  1. Crop reporting services
  2. Agriculture Engineering
  3. Agriculture research
  4. Fisheries department
  5. Livestock and dairy  development (Research)
  6. Livestock and dairy development (Extension)
  7. Soil water conservation and on-farm water management
  8. Forestry, environment, and wildlife sectors.
  • Scrutiny / appraisal of PC-Is, Concept Notes and Project proposals.
  • Presenting development schemes to PDWP
  • Review of ADP schemes on quarterly and annual basis along with development budget with the line departments and finance department.
  • Quarterly releases, re-appropriation of funds and reconciliation of development budget.
  • Organizing Provincial Steering committee meetings of Mega projects.
  • Preparing minutes of various meetings.
  • Collection of data from line departments.
  • To deal with PM/CM/Governor Directives.
  • Agriculture
  • Food
  • Livestock & Dairy Development
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