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  1. To examine and process Internal/External posting and transfer of PPS Officers within the Administrative Departments as well as employees of subordinate offices.
  2. To initiate and arrange meetings for Provincial Project Selection Committee.
  3. To initiate and arrange meetings of Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) regarding promotion of employees of subordinate offices.
  4. To maintain ACR’s/PER’s of officers/officials of P&D Department as record. PERs of officers/officials of Establishment Department working in P&D Department are processed and after completion, these are submitted to Section Officer (Secret) for record.
  5. To answer assembly questions related to department from constitution and coordinate with subordinate offices.
  6. To distribute and collect declaration of Assets form within department and after collection send it to Establishment department
  7. To process & coordinate within the Department and subordinate offices regarding Chief Minister’s directive.
  8. Presentation in shortlisting committee meeting with various Departments/offices 


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 Civil secretariat P&DD KP
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