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  • Preparation of Annual Development Programme.
  • Appraisal of PC-1 (Pre-PDWP Meetings).
  • Quarterly Reviews.
  • Preparation of Working Papers for PDWP & Presentation of Projects before PDWP.
  • Comments on Summaries processed by the administrative departments.
  • Comments on Projects  on Agenda of CDWP & ECNEC meetings.
  • Comments on Agenda items of Cabinet meetings.
  • Representation of P&D Department in DDWP meetings.
  • Policy Appraisal.
  • Assembly Business / Assembly Questions.
  • Processing of Chief Minister Directives.
  • Facilitating Board of Directors / Board of Governors meetings.
  • Processing of  Inter-Sectorial Re-appropriation submitted by the Administrative Departments.
  • Health
  • Population Welfare
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