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  • PC1 scrutiny of ADP, PSDP and Federal Flood Commission Schemes
  • Quarterly Holding progress review meeting of all developmental schemes
  • Convening of Pre-PDWP under the chairmanship of chief water
  • Preparation of working papers for PDWP and presentation
  • Attaining of DDWP meetings with the irrigation department
  • Preparation of one page brief of CDWP and ECNEC for the competent authority.
  • Compilation of release demands, quarterly plus additional.
  • Preparation of draft ADP for water sector.
Energy & Power
  • Liaison with concerned departments,  Scrutiny, appraisal, .monitoring & .evaluation of departmental schemes
  • Collection of relevant data in respect of the Energy & Power sector.
  • Preparation of papers for quarterly & annual reviews
  • Comments on working papers for CDWP
  • Comments on summaries for ECNEC.
  • Views/comments on various issues regarding developmental schemes of the Energy & .Power sector
  • Holding Pre-PDWP meetings
  • Preparing working papers for PDWP
  • Water
  • Energy & Power
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