District Wise Socio-economic Indicators of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 2020

There is a growing interest among policymakers and development planners to take decisions and make viable choices amid competing priorities based upon a broad suit of relevant and credible statistical data on varied dimensions of social and economic development. Social and economic indicators in general form an important part of the information required to determine how well a region/country is progressing on economic and social trajectory, identify regional and gender disparities and support the process of planning, monitoring and research.
Adhering to the emerging needs of a wide spectrum of the data users and fulfilling its obligation for being the data producing entity at the provincial level, the Bureau of Statistics is pleased to take an opportunity of publishing its annual report titled “Important District-wise Socio-Economic Indicators of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 2020“, which is 27th in the series and contains the latest available data with the overarching objective to facilitate decision makers, planners and other development partners by equipping them with the essential data on socio-economic aspects of the province in a user’s friendly mode.
I sincerely appreciate the valuable support extended by the line departments, district governments and other data generating organizations for timely providing the data deemed essential for publication of this report. I also place on record my thanks to the officers and staff of the Bureau of Statistics for their tenacity and dedication in preparation of this important document.

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