KP Government Prepared a Plan for Economic Development of Merged Areas

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has prepared a plan of Rs. 68.16 billion for the economic development of the merged areas. The project will be funded by the Accelerated Development Program. To prevent duplication in the project, it has been compared with other ongoing projects in the merged areas. In the economic development plan of merged areas, priority has been given to those areas which could not be addressed in the past.

About 7 major sectors have been included in the economic development plan. Work will be carried out on 84 major projects in these sectors out of which 46 projects will cover three years and 35 projects will cover more than three years.

The economic development plan includes Rs 28.5 billion for technical education, Rs 14.5 billion for agriculture, Rs 8 billion for tourism, Rs 7.5 billion for small and medium enterprises, Rs 4.43 billion for minerals. Rs 4.19 billion has been allocated for agri business and Rs 1 billion for forestry.

An Apex Committee will be set up for the implementation and monitoring of the project, which will be headed by Additional Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In addition, the departments will be authorized to design and implement economic development plan projects for which a committee headed by the secretary will work at the departmental level.


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