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The following is the Vision of Bureau of Statistics Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:

" Generate and disseminate objective-oriented, credible and timely official statistics to facilitate policymakers, planners and other users of the data to take informed decisions"

Following are the key factors that can lead BOS-KP to work in accordance with vision:

  • To ensure an easy access of public and private sectors to accurate and timely available Social and Economic Statistics on the Province with district level breakup.
  • To establish efficient statistical system to ensure quality statistical data for policy makers and user leading to designing of efficient policies for socio-economic uplift of the Province.
  • To establish and update standard Socio-Economic Indicators of the Province.

After the promulgation of General Statistical Act 1975, the functions of all the Provincial Bureau of Statistics were standardized and made identical. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bureau of Statistics was assigned the under mentioned functions:

  1. To build up a sound and effective Provincial Statistical Programme and keep it under constant review to meet the Provincial requirements within the framework of national statistical system.
  2. To review, coordinate and clear statistical development and budgetary proposals of Provincial Statistical Cells.
  3. To adopt and follow National statistical standards and procedure in collection, tabulation and presentation of various statistical series.
  4. To identify and eliminate duplication in Provincial statistics.
  5. To formulate Provincial policies regarding adoption of national recommendations for collection of statistics.
  6. To act as liaison between Pakistan & Provincial Governments on statistical matters and to serve as a secretariat for the Provincial Statistical Council.
  7. To extend technical guidance and assistance to other Provincial statistical cells as and when required with reference to their technical problems in designing, conducting censuses and surveys, processing of data and preparing their reports.
  8. To prepare basic Socio-economic indicators of the Province.
  9. To prepare and issue statistical publications to disseminate statistical information.
  10.  To prepare and maintain up to date frame for conducting census and surveys.
  11.  To act as Provincial Electronic Data Processing Agency for various Provincial Departments.

Currently BOS Khyber Pakhtunkhwa performs the following limited role due to lack of funding and staff constraints:

  • Coordinates as a Statistical arm of Provincial Government between Line Departments and Districts.
  • Collect disaggregated data generated by line Departments and present on desired format according to needs of Provincial Government.
  • Coordinates with PBS in generating all the statistics by the PBS.
  • Representing the Province in all the Panels of Statistics of the Federation of Pakistan.
  • Respond to new Provincial Statistical vista like Regional Accounts, Poverty etc.
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