Communication Strategy (Social Protection & Gender Mainstreaming Section) 02-06-2021

In pursuit of its mandate of contributing to the Planning and Development Department’s critical role of creating an equitable environment for all, the Social Protection & Gender Mainstreaming (SP&GM) Section of the Department has dedicated itself to ensuring that we communicate this mandate effectively and efficiently to the target audiences.
The Communication Strategy in hand provides a direction to the same end. This Strategy outlines our approach to ensuring that we provide public-centric proactive communications to our stakeholders over the next five years and would serve as a functional document to guide the Section in its efforts to ensure wider outreach and engagement with diverse stakeholders for social protection and gender mainstreaming.
The Section acknowledges the support, guidance, and cooperation of the senior leadership of the Department in producing this document. I extend my profound gratitude to the Global Affairs Canada funded Women’s Empowerment and Political Participation (WEPP) project (2019-2023), for providing technical support in the process. I also appreciate the wonderful work done by the Kadam Communications.
We are working on translating this strategy in practical steps and hope that it would help synergize all efforts and lead to better communication outcomes.


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