Strategic Plan Final (Social Protection & Gender Mainstreaming Section)

The Social Protection and Gender Mainstreaming (SP&GM) Section started its journey in May 2020 with its establishment as a dedicated Section in the Planning and Development Department. The Section is a demonstrated commitment of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the uplift of vulnerable populations, particularly women and girls in the province.
During its first year, the Section worked thoroughly and tirelessly on forging relationships and connections with the national and international development partners. Through continuous efforts and mobilization of financial and technical resources and with the support of partner organizations, the section has made remarkable progress within short span of time.
The formulation of the five-year Strategic Plan is one such milestone that the Section has achieved so far. The Plan is anticipated to lead the Section to accomplish its broader objective of contributing to an enabling environment toward equal opportunities for all. The Strategic Plan serves as a guideline to the Section for our future endeavors and to set parameters that can be monitored and adjusted along the way in pursuit of its broader mandate.
The Section acknowledges the support and cooperation of the senior leadership of the Department in producing this Plan. Special thanks to Global Affairs Canada-funded Women’s Empowerment and Political Participation project for providing the technical support to formulate the Plan.
I hope the Plan serves as a functional document to guide the periodic planning and performance measurement for the Section toward integrating the needs of the vulnerable groups into planning and promoting the developmental pace of the province by ensuring the inclusion of all citizens in the governance processes alike.

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