Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) Final

The Social Protection & Gender Mainstreaming (SP&GM) Section of Planning & Development
(P&D) Department as a centralized coordination platform for providing technical assistance to the
government counterparts is mandated to integrate gender equality and social protection in
planning and development and promote its implementation.
Formidable task assigned to SP&GM calls for robust and continuous attempt to keep all the
relevant stakeholders informed, engaged and motivated to contribute their part for achieving a
common goal of Social Protection & Gender Mainstreaming.
The following document is an Inclusive Stakeholder Engagement Plan developed to support
SP&GM section in their efforts to engage stakeholders in the light of their role, level of
involvement and interest towards gender equality.
This Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) identifies and graphically classifies stakeholders for
SP&GM to prioritize their engagement in consonance with category each stakeholder falls in. The
SEP classified SP&GM stakeholders into four categories that are leading, supportive, neutral and
It also suggests to engage these stakeholders for achieving prioritized outcomes set in
communication strategy. The SEP present outcomes in harmony with stakeholders’ role and
interest to encourage SP&GM rolling out communications accordingly.
SEP also proposed a five-year stakeholders engagement plan to bring in stakeholders on board
for relevant activities and facilitating the achievement of organizational milestones.
With all the relevant information regarding stakeholders, SEP will assist in understanding the
context, stakeholders’ priorities and communication needs to address different groups of
stakeholders. The SEP and Communication Strategy are complementary and will serve to
meaningfully engage SP&GM stakeholders.

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